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Pioneers of Distinction: The Sun Estates Legacy in Goa

Nestled along the vibrant coastline of Goa, Sun Estates Developers has etched a lasting legacy. Founded by Suraj Morajkar, this visionary endeavour seeks to redefine luxury real estate by offering dream villas that resonate with Goa’s cultural richness. From lavish properties to unparalleled comfort, Sun Estates aims to bring the essence of Goa’s opulence to everyone seeking the perfect luxury living experience in the heart of this coastal paradise.

A Passion Born in Goa

Suraj Morajkar’s journey into luxury real estate was ignited by his profound love for Goa’s beauty and heritage. Raised in Saipem, Goa, he felt an intrinsic bond with the region’s soul, inspiring him to establish Sun Estates Developers in 1996.

Pioneers of Distinction

Sun Estates is indeed one of the most luxurious real estate destinations in Goa! With over 27 years of experience, they have reached great heights. They are known for creating homes with modern aesthetics while also showcasing the rich Goan cultural heritage. This unique combination truly sets them apart from the rest. Situated strategically across North Goa, their properties redefine luxury living, often boasting expansive coastal tracts, offering not just luxury but also unparalleled comfort.

Unique Homes, Enduring Charm

Sun Estate developers have beautifully combined luxury with Goa’s rich cultural significance in their homes. Suraj Morajkar’s dedication to creating luxurious residences with stunning views and a comfortable aesthetic truly makes them feel like a cosy home.

Sustainability at Heart

Sun Estates approaches development with a deep commitment to sustainability. Through collaborations with renowned architects and the use of local materials, they craft architectural marvels that respect and preserve Goa’s natural landscape. By protecting both you and nature, Sun Estates ensures a harmonious living experience.

Preferences that meet your expectations.

Sun Estates offers a style and comfort that is preferred by celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, and elite clients. Their properties and amenities are inspired by the rich Goan cultural heritage, inviting everyone to come and experience its unique essence in North Goa. It’s a truly special place to be!

Shaping Goa’s Luxury Scene

Sun Estates has contributed to shaping Goa’s luxury real estate landscape. Luxury projects like Saipem Hills and Sol De Goa offer upscale living, transforming Goa into the perfect destination for luxury living 

Investing in Luxurious Living  

Sun Estates is becoming  one of the best ideal location in Goa and has influenced the development of Goa’s upscale luxury real estate market with their development like Saipem Hills II And Sol Reserve which provides luxury living 

Purchasing An Exotic Lifestyle

Sun Estate villas provide more than simply a lifestyle, with prices starting at INR 5.5 million. They mix comfort, luxury, and Goa’s diverse cultural offerings. Every villa is a representation of grandeur, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the best possible luxury living when you invest in timeless luxury.

Where Luxury Meets Tradition

In every Sun Estates villa, luxury intertwines with tradition, inviting homeowners to become part of a narrative where elegance and heritage merge seamlessly on Goa’s sun-kissed shores. As Suraj Morajkar continues to craft dream homes, each property becomes a chapter in Goa’s timeless story of beauty and grace. To own a luxurious villa in North Goa, Sun Estates is here to make your dreams a reality.

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